Ketan Rajput Portfolio



"Life is either an incredible journey or nothing at all"

My name is pronounced as 'KAY-ten RAHJ-puut'. I was born and raised in the ever-hustling city of Mumbai. I moved to the US in 2014. My passion is making people’s lives better through design.

I tell stories, and I solve problems that affect the lives of billions of people. I do this by designing and creating products that matter. Currently, working at MDLIVE as a UX Architect, my goal is to transform the Telehealth experience and make it on par and as common as the online shopping experience.

When I am not designing I draw, paint, do photography, learn Salsa, mix music, travel, try new cuisines, volunteer or try to learn a new skill. I love meeting new people and learning their life stories.

Currently, I am based in Sunny Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Feel free to hit me up on social media. Peace out!✌🏼


World through my eyes